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The loss of a dog...
.......I am so very sorry for Your loss

When this comes from someone who has lost a dog, their Best friend, their Loyal "Shadow", their car ride companion, their greet You at the door with wagging tail, their looking into your eyes with Love & Trust Dog, You know the person who said that means it, as they feel and fully understand how You feel. Those of us lucky enough to care for a dog in our lives, know how deep this Loss goes. 


But we were so comfortable together, now you’re gone. I need you. You know me and I know you…….The time spent with our dogs is so comfortable, we teach them, we talk to them, we laugh with them, cuddle with them, they de stress us, teach us, they know all our accomplishments and all our secrets. Constant, reliable, loyal, fun loving companions only asking to be loved in return. 


The "firsts".......the first morning shower and your dog is not there, things don't feel good or the same, they become "the firsts" things you normally do not thinking about it, is now a record of time, the first “this” without my dog, the first “that” without my dog. Your first breakfast without them, they are not there, to give a small treat to from your breakfast. Their breathing, the first time I laid down to sleep, and did not hear his breathing was a moment I will not forget. He was also my security alarm, hearing their paws waking across your floor, following you around and even those silly moments of them in ignoring you or being onry for fun. So many memories of Life together, between the both of you.


Some succumb to old age (it's never enough time), when we look at their eyes thru the “grey” fur mask of the senior dog, then some, we get told, by the Vet (they mean well, and some do pull thru but not your beloved dog) that they "may be" ok, so you hang onto that, however they don't make it. It's heart wrenching, this is not a simple word, it turns your happiness into sadness. I have gone to the Veterinary Hospital to follow up and left with a empty leash, I can see "Wilkies" eyes looking at me leaving while he was left behind. My husband & I were to meet in the “room” to be with him while he passed. While the Doctor said, he does not know what is going to happen, however I do…….as if that could make me feel better, it was a kind attempt to do so, but for me, there was no feeling better, until time has passed and I can see how that did help me. The Loss of a Dog is one of the most painful feelings. I hate it, I hate that now he’s only a photo I have on my desk, his ceramic bowl still in my cupboard, I can’t get rid of it. 


We live thru it we don’t get over it. This is the “Bittersweet” reality of Love & Loss we all hear about. I have been there several times and each loss feels the same way. I started making these hand painted cards out of my grief, with the loss of a Beloved pet. No one likes it. I now, thru these custom cards of pets of all kinds, I have learned about the most Wonderful relationships that people have with their pets, the friends, family, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, co workers, equine veterinarians, the small animal veterinarians & caring people, that find my work and get for these cards to support and be there for others. 


The feedback I hear about how the card was received, sometimes with tears, sometimes with wanting to frame them, keeps me motivated to continue to make these. As it is sad for me to see the loss of each and every pet. It’s the Love and Support I get to see from each person who commissions them, warms my heart. The Wonderful pets, I get to learn about, and look into their eyes from a photo sent, well I never forget them and love that I have learned about them and the relationship with their owner. 

Take all the time you need for your grief. When I knew it was time for Pismo, I spoke to him and told him what a good boy he was, what a wonderful dog he was, I petted him the last time, spoke to him about who he was to us and how much we love him. And there will never be another dog like him.

One thing that helped me, is I lost my beloved golden retriever “Pismo” he was super, super, happy, I was very sad, you know how that feels. I thought, he would not want me thinking sad about him, he was always happy, That would be the last type of thinking he would want me to relate to him. His Life was pure Joy, fun and cuddling. All of his intentions were good and true. 


It helped me to overcome some sadness. I still have it, but not, heavy, heavy sadness. Instead I can speak about his true self, that was joyful and fun. I hope you can find comfort in that way. It helped me, I really can say “He” “Pismo” helped me, even after he was gone. 


They really are “All that is Good & Kind in the World” they have such pure and good intentions, is where they all come from, they are so innocent in their thinking, its about love and loyalty as you have had first hand experience. It’s why I started painting these custom cards with the Well Earned & Well Deserved Shadow of an Angel.

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