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  • Choose between a 3 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack or 18 pack.**
  • I will choose the design and grit for you.
  • Nail polish shows size scale of our mini files and are for display only.
  • You will receive a personal selection of our mini, comfy File Wise Nail Files with this purchase choice.
  • Innovative Comfortable Design


Made in the USA 


Fantastic bridesmaids or shower gifts.


Nail Care Tool. Providing a comfortable, no clamping way of filing. Our mini nail files feature a innovative shape, size and design. Your mind and hand work in instinctive harmony to maneuver the style file as needed, do to the unique shape and size.

Fits in your purse, pocket, wallet & car cup holder. Ideal for travel. Ergonomic, washable, sanitary, less waste. Designed & developed by a former Cosmetologist. Made in the USA with high Quality papers, core and multi grits for all your filing needs.


No Clamping. Sanitary. Ergonomic. Parties, Travel Features original artwork in a variety of colors & prints sure to make a Great addition to your nail care kit. Mini comfortable. Innovative Design enables Comfortable filing.


Sanitary * Less Waste * Ideal for Travel * Compact High Quality Made in USA Less Waste Ergonomic Ideal for Travel Wedding Shower Favors Baby Shower Favors  

Designed & developed by a former Cosmetologist. Featured in NAIL IT! Magazine. The Style File by File Wise Nail Files Fit, Feel and Go with the Natural motion of the hand.​