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Comfy & Custom handmade & hand dyed 100% organic cotton rope Leash. Each one is handmade and one of a kind. The leashes are lightweight and become softer and more comfy with each use. 


This is for a 1/2" diameter 6' ft. Cotton Rope Dog Leash, Heartstring as You know I call them as it connects is to our pets. 


Each leash is handmade, We offer different colors and different widths to choose from, so you may get the best leash for you and your beloved dog. As each item is handmade, there may be slight variations. 


Leash Sizes: 


Made from 100% American Cotton Rope. Super soft and easy on your hands, Made in the USA 


* 3/8” is perfect for dogs 15-45 lbs.

* 1/2” is perfect for dogs 45-100 lbs.

* 5/8” is perfect for dogs 45 lbs. 100 + lbs.


* 100% American Cotton Rope. 


* Nickel-plated Swivel Hook/Bolt Snap


Handcrafted & Hand dyed to achieve the unique colors and styles. Leash length is 5.5' - 6' unless otherwise noted


We have Horse lead ropes too.


Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and water. It is recommended to let it air dry.

SAFETY NOTE: Spliced for Strength. Splicing technique used by Mariners!

Always supervise your beloved pet. It is always recommended when using any pet product. All leashes should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary. Grand Horse accepts no responsibility for damage or misuse of this product.

Disclaimer - Please note that no Grand Horse product is indestructible. You know your pet best and it is, therefore, your responsibility to assess the suitability of the product and to check the product regularly for wear and tear. Grand Horse assumes no responsibility for loss or damage by or from our products.


Handmade Cotton Rope Leash, 100% American Cotton Rope.

Pink Cotton Rope Dog Leash American Made Hand Crafted Custom Pet Leash Dog

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