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This listing is the the Master so You can case Your own silicone mold.

You will receive one Master cast in Gypsum Ultracal, that I have used to cast my Silicone molds you have come to know and love. I have made a change to my business and am selling some of my Masters. I use to make my Original hand Sculpt custom molds, on occasion I would hire a master sculptor starting at 300.00 to 500.00 so this will Save you money, purchasing already made Master. 

This Master will make the silicone molds to cast the Horse design, You see in the photos. This design is an Original mold design. It was designed by myself, take a look at the turned head, to capture sweet detail and if you are shipping your finished soaps etc, they will not break. And also this custom design you won’t get bubbles when you pour your pieces if there was a “L” shape with a head away from the body. 

You can use the master to cast Your own silicone mold. Pour Unique Soaps with this Beautiful Horse Design soap bar.

Unique original design. Horse design to make your very own silicone mold. You will receive one master, I made.

Titled: "Thumper" 3D sculpted design of a sweet horse laying down.

Made in the USA 

This horse soap mold is "Thumper"

This is a hand-sculpted custom design.

Length: 4.5"
Width: 3"
Height: 3"
Approx. Finished Soap Weight: 7 oz

Measures Length 4.5” x Width 3” 
My finished soap weight of 7 ounces, depending on the soap base you use.

After you make your mold, The soaps I have made from this design my finished soap weighs .8 ounce of soap, depending on the base you use. That is just about one ounce. This is one Master. Not the silicone mold, and not the ready made soap. Please Read my etsy listing, there is No Refund on this Master, All Sales are Final. You must make your own photos for Your display all of my photos copyrighted. I do not want customers to get confused thinking I am the mold maker. 

This custom Wonderful detail & real look are just what silicone molds are all about, When you make your silicone mold it can capture & reproduces this high detailed design that you see in the photos. Lots of detail as you can see. This is a Handmade Original piece. 

You are buying one master of this design my photo shows the finished piece that your mold will produce and cast. Your item is shipped within 7-10 days from when payment is received 

Please know how to work with your Silicone and products you will be using to make your molds before purchasing this Master, we can not teach mold making though the computer. This is for one master Only not how to make silicone molds. It is up to you to create a finished mold from the raw materials you use. 

This is a New offering some of my hand sculpted, Tried & True that my previous customers have loved. 

Below is from my silicone mold business I ran for many Years, you can see the type of silicone I used to cast my high quality molds. 

You are buying one master of this Horse design my photo shows the finished piece that your mold will produce and cast. Your item is shipped within 7-10 days from when payment is received. If you want to learn my technique one How I make Silicone molds, I have a ebook for Sale here in on this website.

I have written an eBook on How to make Silicone Soap Molds, its my personal Experience, technique and suppliers, if you would like to purchase that, check this website. It is a Immediate download.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is Not for the Silicone mold. The Information provided below will help you with choosing your silicone if you don’t have a favorite silicone already. I retain all copyright to my designs. This is not sold as an exclusive design to you, I retain the right to sell additional masters of this design and continue to make silicone molds and additional masters of this design, 

Designing & Hand Pouring Molds Since 2000

With New Technology each Year & Advances in Silicone. I re-evaluated my silicone to ensure my customers were getting the BEST and State of the Art hand poured silicone Mold. The Silicone I used, was formulated for Soap, Candle Making and casting Resin, Wax bases, Plaster.......etc. . Please Note the High Quality and Thick molds to make sure You can Count and Trust they will work perfectly for You.  

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel any sale. We have the right to refuse service/orders. All of our designs are Original hand sculpted designs with the rights retained by myself.


Additional Masters are available see this site. Also You can take a look at my site with all the mold designs and ask to purchase a Master from them. I am working on getting more Masters put up. It's also a space issue, I just may not be able to get them all listed I have over 400 designs. So simply ask for additional designs.

I Wish You Much Success In your mold making venture.

Master for Casting Horse Life Like Silicone Mold Soap Mold Makers DIY Craft Mold

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