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Being a dog lover & owner, I noticed that our beloved Golden Retriever would seek out a nice, quiet, cool, comfortable and private spot under the bushes. It was like his own little fort! I have created "The Living Dog House" for all the dogs so they too can have their very own special place to go. I have combined the Love of Gardening with the Love of dogs.......


It's an easy to assemble kit that arrives at your door. You simply set it up, and customize it with a Beautiful climbing vine that grows over it as a Topiary that creates a quiet, cool, comfortable and private space for your pet. And a Wonderful green environment that is functional for your dog and pretty to look at. 


Choose a non-toxic climbing vine to grow and cover your Living Dog House. You can also create a Natural flea free environment using plants that repels fleas and bugs. 


It's also a great conversation piece. A Beautiful, functional, ornamental Garden Dog House. A Wonderful way to add fun to your Gardening and make your dog happy. 


Accent any garden space while making your a shady envirofor your dog.


 Key information: 

* Circulates Fresh Air

* Cool & Comfortable as sitting under a shade tree 

* Plants give off healthy chlorophyll

* You can create a Natural flea free environment

* Sizes for all Breeds of dogs 

*Customize your Living Dog House with your favorite non toxic climbing vine. Create a Natural Insect Free Environment for your Pet.

*Cedar Chips repel fleas.

* Enhance your gardening experience with your own Living Dog House

* Topiary Dog House

*Combines the Love of Gardeing with the Love of Pets

*Grow Shield to Grow the climbing vine to created a Unique spot!


This Living Dog House is a Kit that You assemble. No tools are required.


Small LIving Dog House: Measures Length x Height x WIdth

Price $149.00 plus shipping 


Medium/Large Dog Living Dog House: Measures Length x Height x Width . Price $249.00 plus shipping.


*Find a full list of non toxic climbing vines on the ASPCA website. Scroll down on their link to find allot of flowers and plants non toxic to dogs

Living Dog House Large Medium & Small Dogs

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