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A Guide for Making Soap & Candle Silicone Molds.

I have been Hand sculpting, mixing and pouring molds for just over 20 years. I love it allot. In the beginning, I learned and was an apprentice with a Master mold maker to learn this trade. I learned allot and put it in action. I created my own business, designs, and style to silicone mold making, as You will do also. Or You can Now Purchase some of my Masters, that I sculpted and used in my own business. Contact me for details. 

  I have been asked thru the years, How I make my silicone molds. In this Information I wrote out for you will tell you. It’s my personal experience, learning, researching, materials I use and photos of some of my designs and Studio. I strived to bring my customers the highest quality molds, as I understand, silicone molds are the tools that people use in their businesses or as a hobby that they need to count and rely on.

  I have received allot of positive feedback in regard to my hand poured silicone molds, so I am confident you may find value to my experience with mold making. I made the mistakes for You, Believe me, when you make mistakes with silicone they are expensive mistakes. I share the supplies needed, the steps I take to make my molds. It features “Sit you down Instructions” how to pour, how to mix.

  If you are wanting to make silicone molds as a business or hobby, I hope this information in this ebook will help you. I share allot of photos of some of my original designs, and some close up photos of my studio. If you are one that would like to get into silicone mold making as a business, or as a hobby, I also offer my masters, I sculpted and designed, that makes my line of Silicone molds and business so Unique, for your line to offer your customers. I make one piece silicone molds, cut block molds which will be shared in this information.

 This is my shared information, due to people asking me for how and what I do to make silicone molds. We do fortunately have online information everywhere, if you chose to learn on your own. I am truly sharing this from everyone who has asked me through the years, I have finally wrote this and put this together for those who want this from me.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product,  I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. This is an Instant download, and if you download this Information, then it is not able to be refunded. As you have received the product specific to the item description. Once downloaded, No Refund will be given.

How to Make Silicone Soap and Candle Molds DIY At Home Business Hobby Soap Molds

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