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Doodle Party.......Custom Professionally printed Gift Wrapping Paper. 


While getting a present is always a good thing, having a special or noteworthy wrap job is a big piece of the overall presentation. Custom print-on-demand wrapping paper, so you can include a custom design as part of the festivities. This wrapping features edge-to-edge printing. The paper is 90 gsm premium gloss paper, so everything comes out looking smooth and clean. 


Size Choices of Wrapping Paper:


* 24" x 36" 

* 24" x 60"


.: Vibrant colors, The latest printing techniques provide vivid colors and sharp details

 .:Glossy Finish, Full color decoration on one side with glossy finish

  .:Care instructions, Use a soft, clean, and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the product outwards



.: 90 GSM fine art paper

.: Paper comes rolled-up

.: Edge to edge print

.: Print on one side

.: A blank/white space with a barcode at the top edge.

Doodle Wrapping Paper Birthday Dog Mom Cute Dog Gifts Custom Gift Wrap Custom

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