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Watercolor 7.5” x 10” Card. New size for Co workers & Family. If you would like a group support hand painted card where all sign, this is perfect to show you care & support. 

Commission Your Memory hand painted Original Card. Shadow of an Angel.......

This etsy listing is for me to hand paint a custom card of a beloved pet . A Brand New sue for Group Support where all of caring people can sign this card. 

After you purchase, it will set me in motion, to gather some Information from you. I like to know the name of the pet, as these cards are from my heart & I like to know who they are. Also if you want, I like to know a bit about them, and the relationship you had. They are all one and only, pets. They are "All that is Good & Kind in the World" and I know they meant allot to You and your Family.

Take a Look at the Shadow. This Represents a Beloved Pet as an Angel. The Well earned and Well deserved Wings of an Angel. The Leash is a Heart String that connects us to our little loves.......

Please let me know:
* Name of Pet, I like to further personalize the card and write it on the back of the Card.
* What color collar would you like? 
* Would you like a Leash or not. I call the Leash a Heart String as it connects us to our pets.

Take a Look at the Shadow. This Represents a Beloved Pet as an Angel. Original Painting on a 7.5” x 10” Greeting Card, I do Not have any envelopes, as they can frame this if they like.......Blank Inside for Friends, Family or Co Workers and any Group can sign & write in your own Personal Message. The painted image varies, by the size and breed of each pet. From 1" to 4" not counting the Shadow or leash running off the card.

Title: Walking the Dog Angel Shadow, Custom Card with Your Pet. Original Painting on a Heavy 7.5" x 10" Greeting Card
Size: Painted Image size approx. will vary includes envelope
Media: Watercolor Painting. Painted on Heavy 140 lb. Watercolor Paper Card. Off White Card Watercolor Paper Card. Heavy Heavy 140 lb. I hand make each and every card, I cut, fold and crease each card by hand. Cut may vary, it always adds to each cards Originality.

Signed by the Artist on the back.

I make every effort to capture and display the digital image as accurately as possible some differences in the images may occur. Depending on various factors there can also be color discrepancies. Please be aware of this as you view this item.

Purchasing my Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller/Artist retains all rights to digital images, including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes. June 22, 2023

7.5 x 10 Big Card Friends Family Group CoWorker Big Card Commission Angel ShadoW

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